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About Us

We chose to believe first in ourselves and then in our team, which we set out with the principle of "If you can dream, you can do it". Each day; We have multiplied with the power of being "us", not me. Thanks to the importance of togetherness; We have grown by sharing, and we have become stronger as we grow. We have never been afraid to pursue the untried for years, and we have been very brave about making our dreams come true. We did not wait for success to find us, we always proceeded to achieve that success. So how did we achieve all this? Whenever we entered the process of creating a new movie, we first believed in the importance of "preparation". We have not forgotten that the more solid the planning; The confusion, stress and tension would be so far away. Luck for us has always been the remnant of a good plan. All this thought inspired our name. As the "Pre Production" family, this adventure, in which we continue to follow new stories with the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day, continues on its way with all its passion.

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